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Class Venue Book for 5 week term starting 29th May 2018, £42.50
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Templeton Annex, Civic Centre, Helensburgh Contact me N/A
Acorn Art, 
27 East King Street, Helensburgh
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Templeton Annex, Civic Centre, Helensburgh £42.50 for 5 weeks
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Templeton Annex, Civic Centre, Helensburgh Contact me  N/A

Please check out my T&Cs here. The new yoga term begins on 29th May 2018 for a block of 5 weeks  finishing at the end of June and then there will be a summer break. Most students block book the whole term. Any remaining spaces will be available to book as a single space in a class, click on the blue button link above.  Currently only the Wed eve class has space.

If you block book, missed classes can be made up by booking into another class during the same block, suggested maximum number of swaps is 2 per term.

FULL CLASSES: there may be a waiting list for a class for the next term so get in touch as early as possible. Spaces are most likely to become available at the start of a term, but sometimes mid-term. If you interested in joining a class, and wish to try it out first, I may be able to arrange this if I have space.   Feel free to call or text with any queries or if you don't do online transactions.

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What to wear and bring

Arrive early at class so that you are ready to start on time and bring your own mat. Wear layered clothing so that you can adjust your temperature. Avoid restrictive clothing like underwired bras, tight sports bras and tight waistbands. Low-tech soft cotton-type materials are best that fit fairly close (eg simple cotton leggings with a bit of stretch). I don't recommend polyster and especially not tight running gear.  These materials make it harder for you to connect with the subtle responses of your body and clothing that supports your muscles is restrictive in the context of yoga. In addition, I often work hands-on and plastic-based materials prevent me from feeling what is going on in your body.

Which class is for me?

My approach to yoga is always gentle, finding ease is the whole point. Beginners can attend any class. The 'Gentle' yoga classes are slower paced and avoid more challenging poses so are accessible for all levels. Most restrictions can be accomodated, but you need to be able to get up and down from the floor on your own with relative ease.  Call me to discuss any restrictions or concerns.


Oak Tree Gallery @ Acorn Art - 27 East King Street, Helensburgh, G84 7QQ (upstairs studio)

Templeton Annex, Civic Centre, 38, East Clyde Street, G84 7PG. (Small old building with triangular roof beside the old school to the east of the glass Civic Centre entrance. It has it's own entrance and foyer with toilets.)
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"Be the lump of clay
And the sculptor too"
The Tao of Healing


Kerry McKay  

Yoga & Polarity Bodywork
Helensburgh,  Scotland