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My ecclectic and holistic yoga classes are focused on supporting your yoga journey where you deepen self-knowledge and discover your capabilities.  Through my Scaravelli-inspired teaching, you may awaken to a new sense of well-being through creating space from within and fluid movement. This precise, intelligent approach is not sport or stretching based, it is an enquiry into function and requires you to practise between classes.

When I first started yoga in 2000, despite being athletic, I couldn't even lie in Savasana because of lower back pain. This was the start of a journey into body awareness and changing habits to find more comfort. That process is life-long and has brought me to Scaravelli yoga lineage where the focus is on exploration of movement, connection and ease rather than holding the body in particular shapes (poses). I learn with teachers such as Christine Borg, Louise Simmons, Marc Aquaviva and Gary Carter. I also draw on my skills as a qualified bodywork therapist, bringing an intuitive hands-on to my teaching. 

See Classes page for my yoga timetable and booking plus information about attending a class.
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One to One Yoga

One-to-one is my favourite way to work with yoga students as a healing relationship tends to form quickly as we identify unhelpful habitual ways of moving. It is ideal if you have health restrictions that prevent you from attending a class, or if you wish some to investigate some specific areas of health, posture or breath. These sessions can be a great introduction to my explorative, gentle and deep approach to yoga before coming along to class . I usually offer one-to-one sessions at the Oak Tree Gallery, the Beech Tree Clinic or at your home. See my Classes page for venue details.
Cost for 75 minutes:
£40 for one person
£45 for two people
Give me a call if you are interested on 07920 802877.
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"Be the lump of clay
And the sculptor too"
The Tao of Healing


Kerry McKay  

Yoga & Polarity Bodywork
Helensburgh,  Scotland