What people say about yoga & polarity

I  encourage yoga students to work gently with their body to find comfort, openness and support in movement. For some it is the breath-work and meditation that opens doors to a calmer deeper self, for others it is learning to trust their body, their balance and their strength. 
In Polarity Bodywork we are inviting the body to heal itself so each person has a unique experience.  Generally a deep relaxation emerges that invites transformation.

Janette, Polarity Therapy

"I feel different on outer and inner levels. That work was soooo needed today. I feel like I've refound a piece of me. Thank you x"

Sandy, yoga student

"Tonight's Air Element class was my favourite so far. Loved the funky dance and the openess in my shoulders and chest. My left shoulder is much better. At the end I felt relaxed with my arms at right angles which surprised me. There was so much in the class that I will revisit, thank you :)  "

Jean, yoga student

"Thank you for the splendid class this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially as it was different from other classes I have attended. I felt taller, aware of my body and posture, relaxed as well as feeling very “bright”. I look forward to many more of your classes. Thank you again for such an interesting and energizing Friday morning!"

Sabine, yoga student

"I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying my Yoga now that I am doing it more regularly. You are a fantastic teacher and the work you do with us has made such a difference to my quality of life in general. Thank you very much."

John, one-to-one yoga student

"Once again thank you! I went from our yoga session to the doctor's and, not only did I get the lowest BP reading I've had for a long time, but I was able to walk more easily too. My leg feels a lot more free today."

Gill, yoga student

"Feeling very pleased as I have been working on trying to get off the ground in 'wheel' and today it happened very pleasantly indeed! It has been a really interesting exercise for me in keeping practising something that doesn't initially feel like I would be able to do it by slowly building up. It's funny how a mental shift can sometimes unlock the physical bit. I am so enjoying coming to your class, thank you."

Donna, yoga student

"I swam this morning and felt wonderful! My right side was less tight and I felt more balanced doing backstroke. Also, the area across my fracture site didn't tire as quickly as it would have previously. I know I still have a long way to go but was delighted at the benefits I felt today. Thank you so much, I'm walking on air!"

Janice, Polarity Therapy

"I’ve been seeing Kerry for over a year, she has helped me no end. At the moment she’s doing trigger points on my frozen shoulder. Having been forced to have surgery on my other shoulder it’s thanks to Kerry I have been able to avoid same on this one and am at the moment pain free. She has also helped extensively with my neck. Kerry is truly worth her weight in gold and I am so thankful to have found her."

Janet, Polarity Therapy

"Whilst I was already in the process of going on a journey, it was Kerry who became my guide.  Whether you fully understand/believe in the concept of Polarity therapy or not, it can became the vehicle you use to change things.   The bodywork can be amazingly relaxing (be still my chattering mind and it was), but for me it was the additional advice, the meditation techniques, even book recommendations which I found equally beneficial.  We all need to look after ourselves, and often we need to be guided.  As a guide and therapist, I cannot recommend Kerry highly enough."

Paul, Polarity Therapy

"I started out by booking a single session of Polarity and 2 years down the line it has become part of my regular fitness and wellness routine. Any lingering doubts were  soon allayed  by  Kerry's calming,  yet forensic, application of the exercises and techniques that , collectively, define what Polarity is. What principally impresses me about Kerry's approach  is her capacity to plan ahead and to deliver the programme in a way that, progressively, meets the client's objectives, with a discipline, authority and a freshness that results from basing her practice on intuiting and addressing the deeper-rooted needs of the client. I registered initially to recover my ailing health, but I would be truly surprised if you did not experience the therapeutic impact as clearly life- enhancing. One leaves a  session feeling completely reconstructed"

Marina, Polarity Therapy

"I was introduced to polarity therapy through meeting Kerry and hearing lots of great things about her work and was curious to understand more and experience it for myself. My first session completely astonished me as I entered with an open mind and left feeling calmer, less anxious, relaxed and with a heightened sense of perspective on a wide number of issues.  In addition it cleared some small health issues and reduced some physical aches.  A session with Kerry is one of my favourite ways to spend an hour as I find it nurtures my mind, body and spirit and rejuvenates me completely."

Gavin, Polarity Therapy

"A Polarity Therapy session is a very personal, indulgent and thoroughly relaxing time where the ever-present worries and strains of everyday life are forgotten in a haze of physical contentment. 
I was a bad back sufferer which would lay me low for a month or so at a time every 6 months. Nothing prescribed by the Doctor helped.  Since starting Polarity Therapy, I have not had a relapse of back pain. I also have a more positive attitude along with various exercises that enable me to stop the aches and pains we pick up as we grow older!  This not just a physical process but it is equally, and in some case more crucially, a psychological healing system. 
I was a cynic as I walked into Kerry's treatment room and left a convert.  Over the last couple of months I have learned to put my trust in her hands which was probably the most difficult hurdle for myself.  This has been wholly down to the professionalism and obvious thorough knowledge of the body that Kerry constantly demonstrates throughout any treatment session!"

Fiona, Polarity Therapy

"I always look forward to a Polarity session. It’s like going on a journey of exploration round myself, accompanied by an experienced tour guide, and each one is different. Kerry doesn’t work on me, she works with me and I always come out feeling we have achieved something. I’ve noticed quite a difference in my body alignment – my feet are pointing forwards and I feel less splayfooted. I’m more aware of my posture, and feel more centred"

Jennie, Polarity Therapy

"My leg is so much better after the bodywork session and the deep hip pain has largely gone. It felt looser like it had really let go. The pain and range of movement have been much improved ever since. Thank you."

Lilia, Polarity Therapy

"I felt incredible waves of peace running through me. Its hard to describe, its like a lot of different things rolled into one"