Deeper Bodywork: Polarity Therapy

Polarity aims to promote the flow of energy within the body - the key to keeping well emotionally and physically. I work at the beautiful Beech Tree Clinic, 107 East Princes Street, Helensburgh, G84 7DN. Photos below.
  • 75 minute appointment, costs: £40 
  • You can have as many or as few treatments as you like.
    I tend to recommend 3 sessions intially.
  • Wear loose soft clothing, avoiding polyester, lycra & denim
  • Drink plenty of water before and after
  • Plan some quiet time after your session

polarity leg hold
About Polarity

Polarity is a hands-on therapy and involves lying or sitting on a couch, usually fully clothed. I  work with the body using sensitive touch and manipulation to relieve tension and energy blocks. Techniques can be light, stimulating or deep, depending on your needs.  Specific treatments are used for specific ailments or imbalances, although intuition and creativity are essential. The sessions are an invitation to reconnect with your physical self, leading into emotional and spiritual layers. This is often deeply relaxing and illuminating.

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Health conditions

Many clients find regular treatments help them to maintain their sense of balance and perspective. Polarity Therapy can also be effective for chronic and acute conditions.  I have worked with people with a range of conditions, for example: stress, low vitality, sleeplessness, depression, grief, breathing problems, MS, Parkinsons, frozen shoulder, back pain, hip pain and stiff joints.

Polarity Communication

Polarity Therapy bodywork is often supported with work on awareness and emotional release. Exploring the mind and thinking patterns is key to any holistic approach to health as emotions are often locked up in the body causing physical symptoms or tension.  

Polarity Self Help

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To support your healing, I may show you some yoga or Polarity energy exercises or touch techniques to do at home. In addition, breath practices can be  helpful. We may also explore what aspects of your diet and daily habits are serving you less well.

Polarity Background

Polarity Therapy was launched in the 1950s by Dr Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND after decades of research. He drew heavily on the Indian Ayurvedic system as well refining techniques from chiropracty and osteopathy. For more information see:
UK Polarity Therapy Association
American Polarity Therapy Association
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"The greatest healer
Stays in the background
Orders no one
Talks little
Loves much"
The Tao of Healing


Kerry McKay  

Yoga & Polarity Bodywork
Helensburgh,  Scotland

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