Restorative yoga involves floor-based resting poses that are fully supported with bolsters and blocks. We use breath and awareness and some meditation to aid deep rest and rejuvenation.  Suitable for all abilities as long as you can lie and sit on the floor with supports.
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Deeper Rest: restorative yoga workshop.    
Templeton Annex, Helensburgh Civic Centre, East Clyde St, 
G84 7PG

Forthcoming Dates:  5th Oct and 9th Nov 2018, 7-9pm £20.

Join us for a blissful rejuvenating Friday evening by booking below.  Your place is secured on payment and is non-transferable. Refunds may be available in certain circumstances, please read the Terms and Conditions below before booking.
Book Friday 5th Oct 2018  7-9pm, £20

Book Friday 9th Nov 2018 7-9pm, £20

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Terms and Conditions for Restorative workshops with Kerry

After your workshop purchase there is a 7 day cooling off period. If you change your mind within 7 days you can request, and will receive a full refund. The exception to this is if you are booking 4 weeks or less before the event. In this case you are not entitled to the cooling off period refund.
After these 7 days, your workshop fee is non-refundable. At our discretion, and if you cancel at least 2 weeks before the workshop date, you may receive a partial refund if the workshop is fully booked, and we are able to fill your place. For example if we have a waiting list.  This partial refund will be 2/3rds of the workshop fee and applies once someone else has taken up your place. If you cancel between 1 & 2 weeks before the workshop, the refund amount wil be 50%.
If you cancel less than a week ahead, you are not entitled to a partial refund, although some refund may be possible at the organisers discretion if your place can be filled.
Your workshop place and fee is not transferable to someone else.
If the workshop is cancelled by the teacher or organiser, you are of course entitled to a full refund.

Past Events with Kerry

Deep Rest: Restorative yoga workshops

Restorative yoga involves floor-based resting poses that are fully supported with bolsters and blocks. We use breath and awareness techniques and some meditation with the aim of deep rest and rejuvenation. 
3rd Aug 2018, Frid 7-9pm
11th May 2018, Frid 7-9pm
13th Apr 2018, Frid 7-9pm
8th Dec 2017, Frid 7-9pm
17th Nov 2017, Frid 7-9pm
16th Jun 2017, Frid 7-9pm
5th May 2017, Frid 7-9pm
7th Apr 2017, Frid 7-9pm
10th Mar 2017, Frid, 7-9pm
12th Aug 2016, Frid, 7-9pm
15th Juy 2016, Frid, 7-9pm
11th Mar 2016, Frid, 7.30-9pm
12th Feb 2016, Frid, 7.30-9pm
4th Dec 2015, Frid, 7.30-9pm
8th Nov 2015, Sun, 2.30-4.30pm
9th Oct 2015, Frid, 7.30-9pm

New Year Workshop: Rest into Movement
20th Jan 17, Frid, 7.00-9pm. £18.
Acorn Art, 27 East King St, Helensburgh.

A gentle way to ease into the new year. We will start with deep rest to rejuvenate using restorative practices. Then slowly unfold into movement to bring fluidity back to the body. We will finish with breath practice to cleanse and transform readying you for more activity as the year progresses.   Suitable for all abilities. £18.  SOLD OUT

"Lead with the feet" yoga workshop
Kilcreggan House, Kilcreggan.  9.30am-12noon
Two dates - 25th July and 12th September, 2015, 

Slow down and trust your feet to take you deeper into movement. Enjoy time together in a serene yoga space in a beautiful location. Tea and chat available from 9am.  Although the practice is not strenuous, this workshop is not suitable for beginners or those with serious restrictions. Contact me if you aren't sure. Bring your own mat, blanket, cushion blocks etc.  Wear warm layers. Your place is secured on payment, £15. Refunds may be available if I can fill your slot.

"A Calmer You" practical workshop on releasing stress

Three dates -
27th May, 2013 for Argyll region NHS Dental Services

23rd Jan, 2012 for Helensburgh NHS Dental Services 

Mon 7th Nov 6-8pm, 2011, for Women@Work, Lochgair Hotel. 

Teaching ways to use breath, movement, touch and thoughts to reach a place of comfort. It is a completely practical workshop to develop your own anti-stress and anti-anxiety toolkit.  Learn simple self-help tools to achieve calm and stillness, let go of emotions and relax your body.
    * breathing techniques
    * awareness & emotional release
    * balancing touch
    * simple physical exercises
Achieve your potential without tension.

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"I felt amazing"

"Wonderfully relaxing!"

"Be the lump of clay
And the sculptor too. "
The Tao of Healing


Kerry McKay  

Yoga & Polarity Therapy
Helensburgh,  Scotland