About me

My passion is working with people to promote wellness an awareness in the holistic sense. I love sharing the tools that I kerry mckayhave found most effective: such as breathwork, bodywork, meditation, movement and awareness. I have an approach that is energy-based, yet simple, pragmatic and effective. 
I was fortunate to complete my Polarity Therapy training in 2007 with my amazing mentor Stephanie Aucote, from Masterworks International.  In 2016 I began exploring Zero Balancing bodywork and completed an introductory training course. I love this approach to structural release with its strong focus on energy of bone and have found my practice has benefitted greatly.
In 2013, I completed my Hatha yoga teacher training with Balance in Glasgow.  Since then I have been drawn to train with teachers from the Scaravelli lineage  such as Gary Carter, Christine Borg and Marc Woolford, so this approach informs my current teaching. Moving away from stretching into release and movement is opening new doors for myself and my students.  If you watch these teachers on You Tube you can see the different quality of movement and decide how it fits with you.

Kerry McKay:   BSc Hons in Biology

Polarity Therapy Professional (PTP)

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Fully Insured

Registered with the Polarity Network

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Kerry McKay  

Yoga & Polarity Bodywork
Helensburgh,  Scotland
07920 802877kerrypolarity@gmail.com